Current Students:
  1. Zhen Hu (jointly supervised with Gregg Rothermel), PhD (spring 2014)
  2. Zhiqiang Li, PhD (fall 2012)
  3. Junjie Qian (jointly supervised with Hong Jiang and Sharad Seth), PhD (fall 2010)
  4. Supat Rattanasuksan, PhD (fall 2010)
  5. Yutaka Tsutano, PhD (fall 2008)
  6. Tingting Yu (jointly supervised with Gregg Rothermel), PhD (fall 2008)
  7. Shakthi Bachala, MS (spring 2012)
  8. ZhongYin Zhang (jointly supervised with Gregg Rothermel), MS (spring 2013)
  9. Paul Bennett, part-time PhD (spring 2014), at Assurity
  10. Tony Guan, part-time PhD (spring 2008), at Azul Systems
  11. Ross Nelson, part-time MS (fall 2007), at Hobby Town
  1. Du Li, PhD (fall 2012), Post-doc at CMU.
  2. Peng Du, MS (Summer 2010), at Nvidia.
  3. Xueling Chen, MS (Summer 2010) at Intel.
  4. Yu Shang (coadvised with Myra Cohen), MS (Spring 2009)
  5. Feng Xian (coadvised with Hong Jiang), PhD (Spring 2008) at Microsoft
    Thesis Title: VM-Aware Scheduling Framework: Improving Efficiency of Java Runtime Environments
  6. Neo Jia, MS (fall 2007) at NVIDIA
    Thesis Title: NMFLUX: A Framework to Improve Throughput Performance of Application Servers
  7. Mithuna Soundararaj, MS (Summer 2006) at Microsoft
    Thesis Title: A Self Adjusting Code-Cache Manager to Balance Start-Up Time and Memory Usage in Memory Constrained Environments
  8. Shiu-Beng Kooi (coadvised with Myra Cohen), MS (Summer 2006) at Netgear
    Thesis Title: Clustering the Heap in Multi-Threaded Applications for Improved Garbage Collection
  9. Mulyadi Oey, MS (summer 2005) at Sharpcast
    Thesis Title: Garbage Collection in the Presence of Remote Objects: An Empirical Study
  10. Subhani Shaik, MS (fall 2004)
    Project Title: RAMAL: Run-Time Application Monitoring at Architecture Level
  11. Sita Tangirala, MS (fall 2003)
    Project Title: Increasing Garbage Collection Parallelism through Thread Clustering

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