CSCE 478/878 (Fall 2010) Project Ideas

From the syllabus:

In this course you will do a substantial project. This project can be: (1) a very extensive literature search and summary on a particular topic, (2) a good implementation and evaluation of a known result in machine learning, or (3) a small (but nontrivial) amount of original research related to machine learning. You may work on these projects individually or in small groups, though if you work in a group, my expectations will be much higher when I grade your project.

You will summarize your project results in a written report and an oral presentation. If your project involves an implementation, then you may be asked to also give a brief demonstration. The written report must use a professional writing style similar to that found in an ACM or IEEE journal, including abstract, introduction, summary of related work, your contribution, references, and an appendix (if necessary). The oral presentation will be to the entire class at the end of the semester: during the fifteenth week (December 6–10), and if necessary, during the fourteenth week (November 29–December 3). You will submit your written report to me no later than 11:59 p.m. on December 8. In accordance with UNL policies, you have now been informed in writing of the nature and scope of this project prior to the eighth week of classes.

Later this semester (late September to early October) I will set a deadline for submission of 1–3 paragraph proposals on your projects. You must do this in order to get full credit for your project, and you must get my approval on it before starting work on your project. I will provide a list of possible topics later this semester, but you may propose your own topic as well. To be a valid topic, it must go beyond the scope of the course and be distinct from your wiki topic. So your project could be on a topic we did not cover in class at all, or could more deeply explore a topic we covered in class.

Projects are due by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, December 8 December 15.

The proposal submission deadline is Sunday, Oct. 17. You should submit it to me in text format in the body of an email before 11:59 pm on that day.

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