Charles Riedesel

Chief Undergraduate Advisor at the University of Nebraska's
Computer Science and Engineering Department.
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                        Charles Riedesel, Ph.D. 

    Chief Undergraduate Advisor - Computer Science and Engineering
                         402-472-3486 (office)
                         402-472-7767 (fax) 
                         402-228-2433 (home)

                     Fall 2015 Schedule Summary: 

Monday/Wednesday/Friday                  Tuesday/Thursday
   9:30-10:20 Class                  9:30-11:30 Work from Home
  11:30-12:20 Class                 11:30-evening mostly open
 Open most afternoons
                          5:30-6:20 Class

                Call if doors are locked in the evening!!!

         Email for appointment or pencil in on Avery office door!
(weekly schedule


Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Research Interests

Computer Science Education, Graph Algorithms