CSCE990 Advanced Multiagent Systems

Collaborative Wiki Essays Assignment

January 20, 2011




Collaborative wiki essays are written summaries of topics that we cover in class.  The summary will be based on my lectures, the textbook, and other papers.  Your summary should include at least the following (1) an overview of the topic – motivations and underlying principles, etc., (2) critical issues about the topic, and (3) your big-picture view on the importance of the topic in the larger research community of multiagent systems. 


You will use an online wiki tool (  All of your actions will be tracked and recorded while you are working on the assignment online. 


You are allowed to search online for information to help you write your topic summary.  However, anything used must be formally cited.   That is, you must have a References section in your summary.  Further, you are not allowed to cite web URLs.  Links are not allowed.  Furthermore, you are not allowed to cite Wikipedia pages.  You might find, however, references that are useful on Wikipedia, and may pursue those references, and then cite those references properly in your summary.  Each summary will be submitted to Blackboard’s SafeAssign tool to check for excessive similarity with other online texts.


Collaborative Contributions


On the Wiki tool, you will be allowed to rate and tag essays and participate in threaded forum discussions.  You will be also encouraged to contribute to other essays. 


How the Assignment Works


Every student is assigned to be responsible for one topic.  So, each topic will have only one primary contributor.  And each student will have only one primary topic.  Now, every student is required to contribute to all other topics.  The contributions could be any of the collaborative activities listed above. 


There are two deadlines:


1.      Deadline 1:  Primary Contribution (April 21, 2011).  This is when every student’s primary topic will be “snap-shot” and “graded”.  Before this deadline, a student is only allowed to contribute to its own Wiki essay.  After this deadline, your Wiki essay will be open to all to edit.

2.      Deadline 2:  Collaborative Contribution (May 6, 2011).  This is when every student’s collaborative collaborations will be “snap-shot” and “graded”.




Your Wiki assignment will be graded based on this:


55% Contributions

            20% Timeliness

            20% Discussions (Forum)

            5% Rating


Your contributions will be 80% x your primary contribution + 20% x your contributions to other essays. 


The Topics


Each student will be primarily responsible for his or her seminar topics.  When a seminar topic is by the instructor, there will be no primary contribution.  So, each student will have to contribute to these topics.  The first topic is thus “Unified Learning Model and Agent Reasoning”.