John-Paul Ore Ph.D Student Computer Science and Engineering
John-Paul is from Seward, Nebraska, and first wrote code during a 6th grade Summer program. He received a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Chicago while fixing computers in the U of C hospitals. After college John-Paul joined Deloitte consulting in Chicago and helped build a claims processing system. John-Paul then moved to Seattle, working in electronic forensics, media buying, a yoga studio, and video production for international schools.

In 2011, John-Paul moved back to Nebraska to start graduate school, taking the full undergrad CS curriculum and receiving a MS in 2014 for work on Autonomous Aerial Water Sampling. John-Paul is currently pursuing a Ph.D in Computer Science and plans to go into Academia.

He enjoys urban cycling, fine cuisine, and birding.

Research Interests
I'm interested in the software that controls robots and senses and acts in the physical world. I'm specifically focused on program analysis and software testing that helps make system safer and more reliable while remaining practical and economically efficient.

My latest work is about using static analysis to find physical unit inconsistencies in programs that use the Robot Operation System (ROS), and has been accepted into ISSTA 2017.


Peer Reviewed Conference & Journal Publications

Miscellaneous Publications
  • Limnology and Oceanography: Methods
  • Journal of Field Robotics
  • ICRA


    I like photography. Click here for photos.