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Computer Science & Engineering

Innovators of the Information Age

Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Avery Hall

The UNL Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Department offers Nebraska's only comprehensive program of higher education, research, and service outreach in computer science and engineering.

Undergraduate degree programs in computer science and computer engineering prepare graduates for professional practice, provide the basis for advanced studies in the field, and establish a foundation for life-long learning and achievement.

The CSE Department also offers several graduate degree programs:

  • Master of Science in Computer Science
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science
  • Engineering PhD in Computer Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology
  • Joint Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science and Mathematics

Computer scientists and engineers are the innovators of the Information Age, and the CSE Department is Nebraska’s premier port of entry for students serious about leading the way into the 21st Century.