New Software Engineering Faculty Symposium  2003

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The following information regarding undergraduate software engineering curricula may be of general interest.


·       The current undergraduate CCSE (Computing Curriculum for Software Engineering) efforts can be found at   

      This includes the Software Engineering Education Knowledge (the SEEK).


·       SIGSSOFT Software Engineering Notes (SEN) columns on Software Engineering Education (SEEd) are available at:




The following concern the role of mathematics and mathematical reasoning in software engineering education.


·       Keith Devlins’ October 2001 Communications of the ACM Viewpoint article “The Real Reasons Why Software Engineers Need Mathematics”




·       The Mathematical Reasoning Groups home page is


·       Papers on the role of mathematics in CS and SE education to appear in a forthcoming issue of the Communications of the ACM.


o     “Mathematical Reasoning in Software Engineering Education”


o     “Why Math?”



·       IEEE Software March/April, 2002 Loyal Opposition (Robert L. Glass, Editor) entitled  “The Importance of Mathematics to the Software Practitioner”