Efficient Construction of Program Dependence Graphs
M. J. Harrold, B. Malloy, and G. Rothermel
Proceedings of the ACM International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis
August 1993, pages 139-148


We present a new technique for constructing a program dependence graph that contains a program's control flow, along with the usual control and data dependence information. Our algorithm constructs a program dependence graph while the program is being parsed. For programs containing only structured transfers of control, our algorithm does not require information provided by the control flow graph or post dominator tree and therefore obviates the construction of these auxiliary graphs. For programs containing explicit transfers of control, our algorithm adjusts the partial control dependence subgraph, constructed during the parse, to incorporate exact control dependence information. There are several advantages to our approach. For many programs, our algorithm may result in substantial savings in time and memory since our construction of the program dependence graph does not require the auxiliary graph. Furthermore, since we incorporate control and data flow as well as exact control dependence information into the program dependence graph, our graph has a wide range of applicability. We have implemented our algorithm by incorporating it into the Free Software Foundation's GNU C compiler; currently we are performing experiments that compare our technique with the traditional approach.