CSCE 990: Real-Time Systems

Fall 2007
TuTh 2:00-3:15pm, Avery 118

Instructor: Prof. Steve Goddard

Avery 357, 472-9968
Office hours: 12:00-1:30pm Tu, 12:00-1:30pm Th

Lecture Notes

Lecture 1: Introduction to Real-Time Systems -- pdf version
Lecture 2: Static Scheduling (Cyclic Executives) -- pdf version
Baker and Shaw, "The Cyclic Executive Model and Ada" -- pdf version
Lecture 3: Dynamic-Priority Scheduling -- pdf version
Liu and Layland, "Scheduling Algorithms for Multiprogramming in a Hard-Real-Time Environment"
Jeffay, Stanat, and Martel, "On Non-Preemptive Scheduling of Periodic and Sporadic Tasks"
Lecture 4: Static-Priority Scheduling -- pdf version
Devi, "Improved Schedulability Test for Uniprocessor Periodic Task Systems"
Lecture 5: Dealing with Complexities -- pdf version
Krishna and Shin, "WCET analysis"
Lecture 6: Some Real Systems -- pdf version
Lecture 7: Intractibility Results -- pdf version
Complexity Talk (originally by Jason Wilson)
Lecture 8: Resource Sharing -- pdf version
Color pdf file (6up) -- (2up)
Jones, "What really happened on Mars?"
Jeffay, "Scheduling Sporadic Tasks with Shared Resources in Hard-Real-Time Systems"
Anderson, Ramamurthy, and Jeffay, "Real-Time Computing with Lock-Free Shared Objects"
Lecture 9: Mixing Real-Time and Non-Real-Time -- pdf version
Spuri and Buttazzo, "Efficent Aperiodic Service under Earliest Deadline Scheduling," RTSS'94 -- pdf version
Spuri, Buttazzo and Sensini, "Robust Aperiodic Scheduling under Dynamic Priority Systems," RTSS'95 -- pdf version
Deng, Liu and Sun, "A Scheme for Scheduling Hard Real-Time Applications in Open System Environments," Euromicro Workshop '97 -- pdf version
Lecture 10: Fairness -- pdf version
Stoica et. al., "A Proportional Share Resource Allocation Algorithm For Real-Time, Time-Shared Systems"
Baruah et. al. , "Proportionate Progress: A Notion of Fairness in Resource Allocation," Algorithmica, Vo. 15, pp. 600-625, 1996 -- pdf version
Lecture 11: Multiprocessors and Distributed Systems -- pdf version

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