CSCE 310J Data Stuctures and Algorithms

Fall 2004
TTh 2:30-4:30pm, Kauffman 112

Instructor: Dr. Steve Goddard

Kauffman 133, 472-9453 (TTh) 472-9968(MWF)
Office hours: 12:00-2:30pm TuTh

Lecture Notes

These lecture notes are based on the PowerPoint slides created by a number of people, including Dr. Ben Choi (Louisiana Tech University), Dr. William Spears (University of Wyoming), Dr. Chuck Cusack (UNL), Jeff Edmonds (York University), and Dr. Steven Rudich (Carnegie Mellon Univeristy). I have also added a few of my own slides. All mistakes are my own. :)
Lecture 1a: An Introduction to Algorithms and Problems
Lecture 1b: Abstract Data Types: Data Abstraction and Basic Data Structures
Lecture 2: Algorithm Analysis
Supplementary Lecture/Reading Material
An Introduction to Logic (notes by Dr. Chuck Cusack)
Logic Predicates and Quanitifiers (notes by Dr. Chuck Cusack)
A Short Summary of Logic Concepts
Proofs (notes by Dr. Chuck Cusack)
More on Asymptotic Notation by Mihaela Gheorghiu
Recursion and Induction
Lecture 3: Brute Force
Lecture 4: Divide and Conquer
Lecture 5: Decrease and Conquer
Lecture 6: Transform and Conquer
Lecture 7: Space and Time Tradeoffs
Debugging Demonstration with GDB
Lecture 8: Dynamic Programming
Lecture 9: Greedy Algorithms and Graph Optimization Problems
Lecture 10: Introduction to P, NP, and NP-Complete
Lecture 11: Introduction to Finite State Automata and Finite State Machines
Lecture 12: Distributed Synchronization

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