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Labs and Projects

My projects are carried out through the E2 Lab and Nimbus Lab and currently include:

  • UAVs as aerial instruments to support science, with support from UNL ORED, NSF, USDA
  • Analysis techniques for robotic systems, with support from UNL ORED, NSF
  • Code Search , with support from NSF and Google
  • Continuous Integration, Testing, and Deployment, with support from NSF

Completed Projects

  • Capturing, Modeling, and Synthesizing End User Expertise with support from AFOSR
  • Semantic Differencing and Evolving Test Suites with support from NASA
  • Analysis of UAVs Plans and Missions with support from AFOSR
  • Automated Test Case Transformation with support from NSF
  • Bounded Monitoring of Software Properties with support from NSF
  • BugHunt an online tutorial to instill good testing practices through lessons and challenges
  • Carving/Replay Tool (part of the test Transformation Project)