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ICSE 2015 – Technical Track Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reviewing model for the technical track of ICSE 2015? Why are we changing the reviewing model to the PC+RC? How many and what reviews can we expect from ICSE? What submissions make it to each phase? What is the difference between Categories and Topics? …

These are some of the questions you will find posted and answered at the ICSE 2015 FAQs.

One of my favorites: What are the benefits of being a Chair, PC or RC member? (or why you should be thankful to them)

  1. Program Chairs, PC members, and RC members are volunteers and receive no compensation of any kind.
  2. That being said, being a chair or member of the ICSE PC or RC committees, is an honor in our community. It recognizes a high level of research expertise and a high level of trust in their ability to assess submissions.

If you have a relevant question that is not answered, please let me know.

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