CSCE476/876: Introducation to Artificial Intelligence

EMACS:  Commands for Emacs and/or for LISP-mode
(This is not an exhaustive list)

ESC-Control-q Indents correctly the lisp expression located at the cursor.   (very useful)
ESC-/ Completes the name of a known Lisp function (both in the language and user defined). (very useful)
ESC-Control-x Compile a lisp expression in an emacs buffer.
Control-x Control-f Loads a file in an emacs buffer.  (Use TAB or SPACE for completion.)
Control-u Control-c Control-b Compiles all lisp expressions in a buffer.
Control-g Breaks a command in emacs.
Control-] Breaks a recursive-edit loop in emacs.
Control-x Control-s Saves an emacs buffer into the corresponding file.
Control-x k Kills an emacs buffer.
Control-x control-b Lists all emacs buffers.
Control-x 2 Horizontally splits an emacs buffer into two areas.
Control-x 3 Vertically splits an emacs buffer into two areas.
Control-x o Moves the cursor from one emacs buffer to another one.
Control-x 1 Replaces currently displayed buffers by one buffer, the one where the cursor is currently.
Control-h a Help (apropos) for emacs commands.  A buffer is displayed listing all emacs commands containing the entered string.
Control-c . Retrieves the function definition of the function of the symbol over which the cursor is. It actually retrieves the file where definition is made. Naturally, the function has to be loaded in the environment first.
Control-h f Help (function) for arguments of an emacs function.
Control-x Control-c  To exit emacs.
ESC-Control-f / ESC-Control-b Advances a full lisp expression / Goes back a full lisp expression.
Control-c Control-p In a *common-lisp* buffer, brings back (recursively) the previously evaluated lisp expression.
Control-c Control-n Usually used  during a sequence of `Control-c Control-p's.  In a *common-lisp* buffer, brings back (recursively) the next evaluated lisp expression.
Control-c ; Comments a selected region in a buffer containing a lisp file  (lisp comment mode)
ESC-- Control-c ; Removes comments from the selected region (lisp comment mode)
ESC-<spacebar> Eliminates extra empty space between two words (leaving just one space)
(i.e., pressing simultaneously the 3 buttons: Control, Shift, and -)
Recursive undo (very useful in Emacs)

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