Class IterativeDeepeningSearchAlgorithm


public class IterativeDeepeningSearchAlgorithm
extends DepthLimitedSearchAlgorithm
Extends the DepthLimitedSearchAlgorithm class to use the Iterative Deepening search algorithm, which performs depth-limited search repeatedly, increasing the depth limit each time, until the tree is empty or the desired node is found.

Constructor Index

 o IterativeDeepeningSearchAlgorithm()

Method Index

 o search(WNode, String)
Override search method from SearchAlgorithm class.


 o IterativeDeepeningSearchAlgorithm
 public IterativeDeepeningSearchAlgorithm()


 o search
 public WNode search(WNode root,
                     String searchString) throws Exception
Override search method from SearchAlgorithm class.

search in class SearchAlgorithm