CSCE 476/876

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Class schedule: the page will be regularly updated. Check it out regularly for announcements of required/recommended reading material, homework, etc.

General Information

Prereq: CSCE310, Data structures and algorithms.

Course description: Introduction to the basic principles, techniques and tools now being used in the area of computational. Lecture topics will include problem solving, knowledge representation and reasoning, search, expert systems, and planning and action. More advanced topics may be included depending on class interests and performance. Programming will be done in Common Lisp using Allegro Common Lisp (ACL) and its programming environment.

      Monday 2:30--3:20 in AvH 119, and 3:30--4:20 in AvH 21
      Wednesday 2:30--3:20 in AvH 119
      Friday 2:30--3:20 in AvH 119

Instructor:   Prof.  Berthe Y. Choueiry
      Office location: Room 360, Avery Hall,
      Office hours: Wednesday / Friday 3:30pm--4:30 or by appointment.

     GTA Anthony Schneider
      Office hours: @ AvH 12 on Fridays 1:30--2:30 pm or by appointment.

     Sam Flint (helps with Lisp)
     Office hours: @ Student Resource Center (AvH 15) Tuesdays / Thursdays 11:00am -- 12:00pm or by appointment.

     Joshua Jones (only grading)


Textbooks (check the bookstore):