CSCE 421/821, Fall 2014, Glossary 2

Assigned: Monday, Sep 15, 2014.
Due: Monday, Sep 22, 2014.
Note: Glossaries are optional but they allow you improve your grade. Also, you are responsible for knowing the exact definition of the terms in a glossary at any point in time, including during a quiz.
  1. Arc-consistency property
  2. Back-checking
  3. Backtrack search
  4. Co-microstructure of a CSP (define vertices and edges)
  5. Continuous CSP (a.k.a. numeric CSP)
  6. Forward checking
  7. Intelligent backtracking
  8. Iterative-repair search (a.k.a. local search)
  9. Map coloring problem
  10. Macro-structure of a CSP (define vertices and edges)
  11. Micro-structure of a CSP (define vertices and edges)
  12. NP-completeness
  13. Problem reduction
  14. Pruning
  15. Systematic search (a.k.a. constructive, exhaustive)