CSCE 421/821, Fall 2012, Glossary 6

Assigned: Wednesday, Nov 6.
Due: Wednesday, Nov 14.
Note: Glossaries are optional but they allow you improve your grade. Also, you are responsible for knowing the exact definition of the terms in a glossary at any point in time, including during a quiz.
  1. Arc consistency of
    1. a variable with respect to another variable
    2. a constraint in a CSP
    3. a CSP
  2. Consistency properties
    1. k-consistency
    2. strong k-consistency
    3. (i,j)-consistency
    4. Global consistency
  3. Constraint density
  4. Constraint tightness
  5. Data structures for AC-4 (3 points for listing them, and 3 points for explaining them)
  6. Decomposability (of a CSP)
  7. Degree of a node in a graph
  8. Degree of a graph
  9. Minimality (of a CSP)
  10. Node Consistency
  11. Order parameter (in phase transition)
  12. Path consistency:
    1. consistency of a given path in a CSP
    2. path length m consistency of a CSP
    3. path consistency of a CSP
  13. Phase Transition
  14. Revise (the procedure, input and mechanism).
Do not forget to list your references.
Berthe Y. Choueiry