CSCE 421/821, Fall 2012, Glossary 2

Assigned: Friday, Sep 7, 2012.
Due: Friday, Sep 14, 2012.
Note: Glossaries are optional but they allow you improve your grade. Also, you are responsible for knowing the exact definition of the terms in a glossary at any point in time, including during a quiz.
  1. Arc-consistency property
  2. Back-checking
  3. Backtrack search
  4. Co-microstructure of a CSP (define vertices and edges)
  5. Continuous CSP (a.k.a. numeric CSP)
  6. Dual graph (define vertices and edges) (check textbook)
  7. Forward checking
  8. Hypergraph (define vertices and edges) (check textbook)
  9. Instantiated variable
  10. Intelligent backtracking
  11. Iterative-repair search (a.k.a. local search)
  12. Map coloring problem
  13. Macro-structure of a CSP (define vertices and edges)
  14. Micro-structure of a CSP (define vertices and edges)
  15. NP-completeness
  16. Primal graph: define vertices and edges (check textbook)
  17. Problem reduction
  18. Pruning
  19. Systematic search (a.k.a. constructive, exhaustive)
  20. Tuple
  21. Value ordering heuristic
  22. Variable ordering heuristic
  23. Variable-value pair (VVP)