CSCE990-05, Fall 2000: Foundations of Constraint Satisfaction

Constraint course challenge: the best student (ties broken by lottery) will be
awarded attendance of a major international conference in the field.  Details in class.

    Special announcement: we are working on inviting two important researchers
from two prominent companies to talk about the market of this technology,
the techniques implemented in their products and their success stories.

Prereq:        CSCE310 (Data structures and algorithms) or permission of instructor.

Note:  This course is well suited for both senior level and graduate students.  In the future, it will be offered as CSCE426/826.  CSE students should consult with instructor regarding tracks (theory/software systems).

Course description:   Constraint Satisfaction has emerged as a successful approach to articulate and solve many industrial problems such as design, network diagnosis, vision, scheduling, and resource management in wireless networks.  This technology is now the basis for new programming languages and innovative commercial systems for production scheduling, product configuration, personnel planning and time-tabling, etc.  This course reviews the foundations of constraint satisfaction and the basic mechanisms developed in this area.  It also covers issues on modeling and representation,  special types of constraints such as temporal constraint networks, and theoretical and empirical evaluation  of problem `difficulty.'  The course will examine in particular new methods for decomposition and symmetry identification, designed to overcome the complexity barrier and to support interactions with users.

Time:           Monday, Wednesday, Friday, from 10:30 a.m. to 11:20 a.m.

Place:           Room 111, Ferguson Hall

Instructor:   Berthe Y. Choueiry
                      Room 104, Ferguson Hall,
            , tel: (402)472-5444.
                      Office hours:  Mon/Wed from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., or by appointment.

Class schedule: the page will be regularly updated. Check it out regularly for reference to required and recommended reading material, homework texts, and announcements.

Topics include but are not restricted to:


Grading policy:

Rules: Grade conversion:
>94% A+
90--94 A
 85--89 B+
80--84 B
70--79 C+
60--69 C
55--59 D+
50--54 D
<=50 F
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