Guidelines for TPC members


April 10 - 15, 2011, Shanghai, China

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Disclaimer: This document and the process described are subject to change without notice!

Please read the following if you are a Backup TPC member for INFOCOM 2011. Please also read the Guidelines for TPC Members. If you have been assigned a paper to review by a TPC member for the INFOCOM 2011 conference, please read the Guidelines for Reviewers instead.

A small number of INFOCOM 2011 TPC members will be designated as "Backup TPC" members. The target estimate is to have 25 such members. Their assignments/responsibilities will be as follows.

Summary of Action Items for Backup TPC members

  1. By Oct. 1, 2010: Please update your "Topics of Interest" and "Conflict of Interest" on EDAS. For detailed instructions, please see here.
  2. They will not be assigned any papers in the initial paper assignment phase, i.e. that will be done in Aug.-Sep. timeframe.
  3. Around Oct. 3rd, 2010 when the TPC member reviews are due, Backup TPC members will be assigned papers that are still missing reviews.
    The target is to assign small number of papers to Backup TPC members, with the stipulation that the reviews be completed by Oct. 17th, 2010; these members should also participate in their respective on-line decisions and if need be, write a TPC Lead summary if the corresponding TPC Lead member is defaulting.
    Backup TPC members must closely adhere to these deadlines, given that there is not much margin for delay.
  4. The ATPC Chairs will examine TPC summaries and reviews around Oct. 17th. They can seek additional reviews for some of the papers (from backup TPC members and other external reviewers).
    The target is to assign a slightly larger number of papers to Backup members during this phase, with the stipulation that the reviews be completed by Oct. 30th, 2010.
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