Bioinformatics Workshop

 T he Bioinformatics Lab at CSE is excited to announce a workshop that introduces Microarray and Next-Generation Sequencing Data Analysis on July 28-30 in Avery Hall.  This 3-day workshop is for users who want to acquire the skills required to analyze next generation sequence (NGS) and other large-scale datasets independently and in an efficient manner.

The unprecedented wealth of data generated by these technologies have brought biologists exceptionally overwhelming challenges as the interpretation of the data demands bioinformatics skill and novel computational strategies. These challenges have become a major driving force for the wet-lab researchers to seek collaborations beyond their own realm. In this regard, as a computational group particularly focusing on omics data analysis, we have witnessed outstanding such collaborative needs from groups in very diverse fields, including nutrition science, medicine, biology, plant science, and agronomy. This therefore motivates us to organize a short training course to teach bioinformatics techniques to students with a diverse background, with the long-term broader but achievable goal of fostering the interdisciplinary collaborations and establishing the dialogue between wet- and dry- lab researchers on campus.

This three-day workshop, devoted to undergraduate and graduate participants from various departments and institutions across the University of Nebraska system, is designed for those who are interested in gaining hands-on experience and a thorough understanding of microarray and NGS technologies. Included are expert lectures and lab sessions on real data analysis, given by several UNL bioinformatics faculty. The topics given by the lecturers will include sophisticated statistical methodologies and algorithms essential for omics data interpretation. Statistical challenges and opportunities in data analyses will be discussed among the participants and lecturers.

We hope that this workshop can contribute toward revolutionizing interdisciplinary education in UNL for nurturing the new generation of biologists. In addition, we believe that this course will also provide a venue for exchanging cutting-edge information and ideas among participating faculty and students from different background.

This workshop will be offered for free to University of Nebraska students and is limited to a class size of 20-25 selected participants.  Registered students will also receive a complimentary T-shirt.  Lunch will be provided everyday for participants.


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  • Dr. Juan Cui, Department of Computer Science & Engineering
  • Dr. Istvan Ladunga, Department of Statistics
  • Dr. Chi Zhang, School of Biological Sciences
  • Dr. Jingchao Zhang, Holland Computing Center


  • Dr. Juan Cui
  • Kevin Chiang
  • Jiang Shu

Registration is closed due to the large amount of registrants. If you are still interested, please send an email to