Spectral Type, Temperature, and Color Functions
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Added getMassFromLuminosity, getLuminosityFromRadiusAndTemp, and getTempFromLuminosityAndRadius. Also tweaked getRadiusFromTempAndLuminosity to be more consistent with other functions (it now uses an effective solar temperature of 5808.3 K). Note that getLuminosityFromRadiusAndTemp and getTempFromLuminosityAndRadius are not demonstrated, though they have been tested.

 typeAndTemp012view, link (27.1 KB, 700920)  Tue, 19 Oct 04, 5:53pm CDT 

Added getTempFromLuminosity as an inverse to getLuminosityFromTempAndClass for main sequence stars. Also added getTempFromRadius, which returns the temperature associated with main sequence star of a given radius. Also added getLuminosityFromMass, which returns the luminosity of a main sequence star given its mass.

 typeAndTemp010view, link (25 KB, 700860)  Wed, 6 Oct 04, 12:01pm CDT 

added a bolometric correction function

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Added the following functions:


 typeAndTemp008view, link (23.8 KB, 700600)  Fri, 25 Jun 04, 8:50am CDT 

getLuminosityFromTempAndMv works now. getColorFromTemp now uses polynomials to calculate the color instead of using a lookup table.

 typeAndTemp005view, link (24.2 KB, 700600)  Mon, 21 Jun 04, 5:29pm CDT 

Now the function getTempFromSpectralType will accept a number (between 0 and 70) as the argument. If a number is passed the luminosity class can be specified as a second parameter, e.g. getTempFromSpectralType(42, "V") returns 5830.

Furthermore, the object returned by the getSpectralTypeFromTemp function – which has type, number, and class properties – now adds another property, spectralTypeNumber, which is a number between 0 and 70 that corresponds to the spectral type.

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