Grid Test
 gridTest011view, link (43.2 KB, 850440) source (333.5 KB)Mon, 20 Aug 07, 10:25am CDT 

Fixed a problem that would cause light circles to disappear or flicker.

 gridTest010view, link (43.1 KB, 850440) source (333.5 KB)Fri, 17 Aug 07, 4:55pm CDT 

Made the time slider range dynamic (it still won't go past 100 Gy, a limit that's needed to keep the integration lookup table from growing excessively large).

 gridTest009view, link (43 KB, 850440) source (244 KB)Tue, 14 Aug 07, 5:24pm CDT 

This version lets you sweep the time slider and keep lightcones, but the slider works only up to the latest time that has been animated. It is just not possible in flash 6 to integrate instantly (or even reasonably quickly) over the whole slider domain. In flash 9 it would be possible.

 gridTest006view, link (42.8 KB, 850440) source (256 KB)Mon, 13 Aug 07, 1:15pm CDT 
 gridTest005view, link (42.8 KB, 850440) source (329 KB)Mon, 13 Aug 07, 12:58pm CDT 
 gridTest004view, link (42.7 KB, 850440) source (252 KB)Thu, 9 Aug 07, 5:55pm CDT 

The light circles probably aren't done right.

 gridTest001view, link (21.6 KB, 850400) source (147.5 KB)Fri, 3 Aug 07, 4:35pm CDT