Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research
Undergraduate Research

Participating in undergraduate research makes you stand out to potential employeers.

At the University of Nebraska, undergraduate research is actively promoted and students have various opportunities to be involved in ongoing research. At the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, all major research groups work with undergraduates. Upperclass students with a strong GPA and a strong work ethic should meet with faculty in interested areas. Faculty are particularly interested in students who have completed a course, taught by the faculty member, and who stood out, both in academics and class participation.


UCARE (Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experiences), is funded by the Pepsi Endowment and the Program of Excellence. UCARE pairs undergraduate students with faculty, providing a unique educational experience by allowing students to be involved in ongoing research or other creative activities. Students who qualify will receive an annual award of up to $2400 ($1200/semester).

Undergraduates who have completed 30 credit hours ( by the end of the applying semester ) can apply for UCARE. Applicants will also need to have identified a faculty member to work with and a research project to work on. Interested students should either meet with their Undergraduate Adviser, who may be able to identify current research opportunities, or approach faculty directly.

The application deadline for participating in UCARE is generally a full semester or more before the actual start of the funding period. UCARE also hosts various workshops on topics from applying for UCARE to successfully completing your research.

If undergraduate research interests you, visit UCARE today for more information on this exciting opportunity.


UCARE 2014–2015 Awardees

Regression Test Selection from Binary Sources by Nathan McKain, faculty mentor: Gregg Rothermel

Survey error prevention: An intelligent agent approach by Gregory Atkin, faculty mentor: Leen-Kiat Soh

Powering Aquatic Sensors Remotely with Quadcopters by Jacob Greenwood, faculty mentor: Carrick Detweiler

Platte Basin Timelapse Image Analysis by Spencer Landis, faculty mentor: Ashok Samal

Image Analysis for Archival Discovery: Poetic Content in Historic Newspapers by Maanas Varma Datla, faculty mentor: LeenKiat Soh

UCARE 2013–2014 Awardees

AquaNode Motor Controller Board by Jacob Greenwood, faculty mentor: Carrick Detweiler

Machine Learning Techniques for Constraint Processing by Daniel Geschwender, faculty mentor: Berthe Y. Choueiry

Image Analysis for Archival Discovery: Poetic Content in Historic Newspapers by Joseph Lunde, faculty mentor: LeenKiat Soh

Computation of Phenotypes for Rice Plants from Germination to Senescence by Libin Jia, faculty mentor: Ashok Samal

UCARE 2012–2013 Awardees

An Energy Management Software System for MapReduce Data Centers by Bjorn Barrefors, faculty mentor: Ying Lu

Wireless power transfer by Caleb Berggren, faculty mentor: Carrick Detweiler

Encoding SQL statements as solvable constraints by Daniel Dobos, faculty mentor: Sebastian Elbaum

Mapping Solving Techniques between Boolean Satisfiability and Constraint Processing by Daniel Geschwender, faculty mentor: Berthe Y. Choueiry

Analyzing Interaction Data of Online Learning Objects by Sing hwa Lee, faculty mentor: LeenKiat Soh

Computational Simulations for the Unified Learning Model by Max Rowe, faculty mentor: LeenKiat Soh

Coordinating Multiple Solvers In the Context of Resource Allocation by Mary Burke, faculty mentor: Berthe Y. Choueiry

Real Time Visualization of Temperature Variances in a Supercomputer Data Center by Carson Crawford, faculty mentor: David Swanson

Continuation of Constraint Processing by Keegan Lunn, faculty mentor: Berthe Y. Choueiry