Computer Science and Engineering Scholars and Leaders Program

The CSE Scholars and Leaders program provides a cohesive environment to serve CSCE students with scholarship and leadership potential. The program will provide selected students with opportunities to further enhance and develop critical thinking, problem solving, technical knowledge, leadership, teamwork, and communication skills, and will connect students with faculty research projects, and industry internships. 

Scholars and Leaders will benefit from a host of academic, leadership and professional development opportunities including:

  • Increased direct contact with faculty through mentoring, Teaching and Research Assistant positions
  • Consideration for department-level scholarships
  • Access to industry site visits and to advanced notification of internships and full-time job opportunities
  • Receive an invitation to become a member of Upsilon Pi Epsilon.
  • Specialized advising
  • Access to a CSE focused course on leadership and communication
  • Dedicated departmental study space
  • Monthly meetings with the Department Chair
  • Access to live-in specialized housing with additional networking benefits
  • Invitation to distinct seminars to build communication and networking skills

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Apply critical thinking skills to new and different problem settings
  • Solve analytical and quantitative problems
  • Develop strong computer modeling skills
  • Develop superior oral communication skills, with a particular focus on presentation skills
  • Develop excellent written communication skills
  • Improve networking and industry relationship-building skills
  • Improve leadership ability by enhancing:
    • strategic thinking and ethical decision-making skill
    • team-building skills
    • understanding of global business issues


The scholars track is in essence a CSE Honors Program, with a required TA or RA position; and the expectation that it is part of the Scholars and Leaders Program. Therefore, in this students may take advantage of the entire Scholars and Leaders Program benefits, and specialized honors courses. This track will require a 3.5 GPA.

The leaders track will focus on students with leadership, and academic potential in the Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Software Engineering fields.  Students in this track will be sought from, but not limited to under-resourced high schools, economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and first in families to attend college.  Students will have access to, if necessary, additional foundation courses, and will be connected early on with general research and industry mentors, to develop individualized plans to get them where they want to go.  This track requires a 3.0 minimum gpa, and a set of requirements based around leadership, communication, ethical decision-making, and teamwork skills.  Leaders may take advantage of the entire Scholars and Leaders Program benefits.



Please email any questions to with the subject line "Scholars and Leaders."