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The Girl Empowerment and Mentoring (GEM) for Computing Project

GEM Participant & Parent Comments

During the GEM Project Awards Ceremony and Banquet, the participants and their parent or guardian were asked to give a comment on their GEM experience. Here are those responses:

Participant Comments

  • The banquet was awesome!
  • I liked that while we had mentors, we also were able to work a lot with just our team.
  • My mentors were really nice.
  • Great way to learn more about technology in every aspect of life.
  • It was fun!
  • I liked getting to research something I haven't gotten to research before.
  • Teamwork! "Heart"
  • I liked that we used wiki instead of Blackboard this year.
  • A great project!
  • Meeting new friends.  Also learning more about science and research.
  • GEM was very well organized and a great experience.
  • To make our final report better, we should have done statistics, bar graphs, or line graphs.
  • I liked how we were assigned different paragraphs.  And I also liked how the team worked together.
  • Meeting new people was fun!
  • The mentors were helpful and happy to help throughout this whole process.
  • I disliked the complexity of the wiki!
  • Fun, interesting, and nice to meet other people.
  • Great, helpful, full of knowledge to learn.  The computer lab was fun.

Parent Comments

  • The program gave my daughter a chance to meet some college age role models.
  • Great opportunity for my daughter to learn more about computer science and meet college students.
  • Maybe let girls shadow their mentors for part of a day.
  • I want to thank UNL for this great opportunity to the young women of LPS.
  • We liked having an opportunity to meet girls who are doing well in school, having career goals, discovering skills in science, doing something with girls she did not know before.
  • Group participation could be improved upon, I.E, getting better contact info from participants.
  • Allowed my daughter to have a new experience.
  • GEM was very well organized and a great experience.
  • An outstanding, amazing program.
  • Empowering girls-teaching them about careers in computers, team works, working, and mentors.
  • More intense involvement would have been helpful.  Coordination was great.
  • It was a great learning experience for my granddaughter.
  • My daughter really enjoyed it.  I thought it was a good group project to get involved in.
  • Encouraging girls to go into a male-dominated field!
  • Good opportunity for girls to learn about Computer Program.
  • I think it would be cool if there was a program where the girls learned a programming language.