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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

The Girl Empowerment and Mentoring (GEM) for Computing Project

Inspiring and Motivating Girls Toward Careers in Information Technology

Collaborative Writing Contest Winners & Winning Essays

High School Division

First Place:

  • Team Name: Beauty and Brains
  • Team Members: Sarah Entzminger, Claire Karsting, and Tiffany Riffle
  • Essay: Green Machine

Middle School Division

First Place:

  • Team Name: The Gems
  • Team Members: Rebecca Vannerman, Stella Uiterwaal, Ashlyn Lee, Serra Perry, and Emma Waechter
  • Essay: Endangered Species

Second Place:

  • Team Name: The Mystic Shooting Stars
  • Team Members: Emma Jacoby and Michelle Burris
  • Essay: Supercomputers

Third Place: