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CSE COVID-19 Response

This site is for the Computer Science and Engineering students, faculty, and staff that will be updated regularly with announcements, news, and helpful resources. We are continuing to monitor the developments regarding COVID-19 and its implications for our operations.

Announcements and Updates
  • June 19: The University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s August commencement is shifting to an online celebration due to COVID-19 concerns.
  • June 3: Modifications to the academic calendar have solidified University of Nebraska–Lincoln plans for a return to on-campus, in-person instruction in the fall 2020 semester.
  • June 1: Personnel will be granted access to CSE buildings upon request beginning June 1. Request access here and view guidelines below.
  • May 29: The university has modified the fall academic calendar. Classes will begin one week earlier, on a remote basis. Classes with an in-person component will start the following week and will conclude by Thanksgiving.
  • May 21: Starting June 1, access to campus buildings will no longer be limited to only those individuals whose physical presence has been designated as necessary. Individuals will no longer be required to possess a letter authorizing a campus presence. Campus access guidelines are modified from June 1 through June 30. View the full list of updates here.
  • April 22:  Stay-at-home order for university employees extended until Monday, May 4.
  • April 7: The university will be closed to all employees (except those whose physical presence is officially designated as necessary) for at least two weeks, effective April 8.
  • March 31: May commencement exercises will shift to an online celebration.
  • March 30: Classes will resume remotely for the remainder of the semester. 
  • March 19: All faculty, staff, and student workers with capability to work remotely are instructed to do so until further notice.
  • March 15: All events for the rest of the 2019-20 academic year involving 10 or more people, including the Senior Design Showcase, will be canceled.
  • March 12: Classes are canceled for the week of March 16-20 and will resume remotely following spring break.


Access to campus facilities

As the chancellor’s message from May 21st explained, “Starting June 1, we will no longer limit access to campus buildings to only those individuals whose physical presence has been designated as necessary. Individuals will no longer be required to possess a letter authorizing a campus presence. However, it will be a long time before we can safely return to a pre-pandemic density of people on campus or pre-pandemic levels of travel. While much is still being discovered about COVID-19, we know that some of the biggest drivers of new infections are prolonged indoor exposure, large gatherings and travel.”

We expect all CSE faculty, staff, and students to adhere to these guidelines until further notice:

  • Every employee able to effectively work remotely should continue to do so.
  • Schedule time to work on campus only for work that cannot be completed remotely.
  • Local public health guidance in Lincoln continues to limit any gathering to groups of 10 or less, with social distancing of at least six feet. University sites around Nebraska must follow local health guidelines.
  • Consistent with local public health guidance, employees are expected to wear face coverings when interacting in-person with other individuals. Face coverings should be worn from the time you arrive on campus, while traveling to/from your building, and inside the building unless you are alone in your office with the door closed.
  • In-person meetings should be avoided whenever possible. Employees are encouraged to continue to utilize Zoom for meetings.

In order to “ensure that no more than one-third of workplace personnel are present at any time”, we have created a process to request access to CSE facilities. Prior to visiting campus to work in your office or lab, please complete the form on our website. The department chair will review requests to prioritize and schedule personnel to ensure compliance with reduced occupancy policies.

Please make sure your students and team members are aware of this process. No CSE personnel should enter Avery Hall or the Schorr Center without submitting a request and receiving an approval response so that we have an accurate count of people in each area.

Remote learning and working

Departmental teaching and learning resources will be available remotely. This includes our Unix servers ( and and a Windows Terminal server (, which will allow students and faculty to access many of the same resources available on our lab computers. Frequently asked questions about these and other resources can be viewed on our FAQ page.

If you have additional questions about connecting to our resources, software specific to courses, or remote accessibility, please reach out to

A message from our department chair

Our department chair, Marilyn Wolf, would like to share a personal message with our students during these challenging and unusual circumstances.