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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Renaissance Computing

An Initiative for Promoting Student Participation in Computing

Other Courses ... Under Discussions

With the School of Music, we are developing a course combining Computational Thinking and Creative Thinking. The course will be based loosely on CS1 topics as well as creative methods and strategies. The course's primary programming language used will be Objective C, and the platform will be iPhone/iPod/iPad. Professor Brian Moore from the Department of Music Education and Professor Leen-Kiat Soh from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering are currently developing the course. Professor Liz Ingraham from the Department of Arts and Art History has also provided input on the creative thinking aspect of the course. We plan to offer the course via an existing music 400-level course in Spring 2010. Stay tuned!

The CSE Department is defining a new course that will introduce data structures and algorithms in contexts of informatics. The course will count towards CS minor in our program. Details of the course are being developed. Stay tuned!

With the Department of English, we are also looking into opportunities to help develop a senior/graduate-level course that applies advanced computing to digital humanities and text processing. The leader of this effort is Professor Steve Ramsay from the Department of English. Stay tuned!

There are also other efforts with the School of Biological Sciences, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, and College of Architecture.

We will report on these developments as more details are available in the future.

The Renaissance Computing Project is funded by the NSF.