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University of Nebraska–Lincoln


The Integrated Computation and Creative Thinking Project

The Computational Creativity Project


Our Video at NSF K-12 STEM: Link

K-12 version of several of our lesson modules (i.e., computational creativity exercises) can be found at Google's Computational Thinking website: Ciphering a Sentence, Describing an Everyday Object, Exploring Your Environment, Machine Testing, Writing a Story, Solving a Guessing Game with Data.

We have also developed and validated CS knowledge test used in our studies. Download

We have also used the a Self-Efficacy Questionnaire in our studies. Download

Versions also available on Ensemble’s Computing Portal with (search key: IC2THINK)

Over the years, we have created a suite of computational creativity exercises (11 basic exercises plus their variants). Here are some examples.

Everyday Object Exercise

Pathfinding I Exercise

Pathfinding II Exercise

Thinking Inside the Box Exercise

For downloads of additional exercises or more information, please contact Leen-Kiat Soh: lksoh at cse dot unl dot edu