Welcome to the home page for the 2nd International Workshop on Issues with Deployment of Emerging Agent-based Systems (IDEAS'2016), to be held in combination with AAAMS'2016! Here you can find general information about the workshop, the call for papers and submission instructions, the workshop committees, contact information for the workshop, and (when available) the workshop's program.

IDEAS 2016 @ AAMAS 2016

The IDEAS workshop provides an active forum for bringing together researchers across academia, industry, and the public sector applying agent-based technologies (including both single agent and multiagent systems) to solve real-world problems in deployed (or emerging) applications. This workshop encourages research:

  1. describing emerging, existing, or ongoing deployments of agent technologies to real-world systems used in practice,
  2. identifying challenges and associated solutions to deploying agent technologies in the real-world,
  3. highlighting lessons learned from (successful or unsuccessful) past deployments to improve future systems,
  4. presenting simulations or testbeds and analysis techniques for evaluating applied systems, and
  5. introducing interesting novel applications areas for intelligent agent and multiagent systems research.

This workshop serves as platform for discussing cutting edge applied agent research with potential for future submission to the Innovative Applications Track of AAMAS.