Innovation Lab Mind Map The Department of Computer Science & Engineering’s Innovation Lab provides Computer Science and Computer Engineering undergraduate students a rich opportunity to experience real-world system development by developing innovative software and software/hardware solutions to practical problems. The student experience includes professional development, technical writing and communication skills, teamwork and project management, leadership, and analytical and critical thinking skills that will prepare them for successful careers in today’s rapidly changing, technology-driven world.

The Innovation Lab experience also provides students the opportunity to develop projects supported and sponsored by local and regional businesses, government agencies, and researchers. In turn, sponsors have an opportunity to engage our students and enhance the educational experience by providing a rich context in which to develop projects. Innovation Lab is a unique opportunity to try new things, foster new perspectives, and, in a word, innovate!

The primary venue by which Innovation Lab partners with businesses is through a sponsored Senior Design Capstone project. Each Computer Science and Computer Engineering senior takes a two-semester Capstone Course sequence. In the first semester students go through a professional development course, form their teams (3–4 students), choose their projects and prepare for active development in the second semester. More details can be found by following the links at the bottom of this page.

Innovation Lab has other opportunities in which industry can engage our students. The Innovation Lab Seminar Series is a venue in which industry partners can give presentations on techniques, frameworks, and technologies used in industry and engage students.

The Innovation Lab is always evolving and we are always open to new opportunities to engage with industry. Please do not hesitate to contact us with ideas.



Casey Tubbs
Managing Director